We understand everyone’s fear with the spread of COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus.

We want you to know that not only is it safe to use our service, but has been proven to actually provide more protection.

Everyday mailmen, deliveries, friends, customers, etc. are interacting with your home/office.

Moms Cleaning Service provide masks and gloves to our employees for your safety as well as our employee’s

Our Employees also only cleaning ONE house / office per day compared to other cleaning services that clean up to 6 houses per day!!! They wear masks and gloves at EVERY home / office

We also have bulk ordered Germicide and now provide GERMICIDAL cleanings.  We spray down all high access areas, including light switches, door knobs, doorbells, etc.

This spray is hospital grade germicide that has already been proven to kill coronal virus on contact.  Our staff is happy to work in home / office when your not there.

Please contact us to setup a cleaning or for more information.

Thank you and god bless,



We disinfect EVERYTHING!
Kill the COVID-19